Main & Auxiliary Load Lines

Emergco Main Load Lines, Auxiliary Load Lines and Attachment Lines are constructed of a 0.5-inch diameter high molecular weight polyethylene (SPECTRA®) multi-filament fibre core and a braided polyester cover with a high-visibility urethane coating. This construction combination creates a highly abrasive-resistant, extremely low-elongation (less than 0.5% at 10% of break strength) rope with a minimum tensile strength of 13,000 lb. The braided polyester cover serves to protect the core fibres from abrasion, ingress of foreign material, and the damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation.

All line ends are terminated with eye thimbles. One end of the load line is fitted with a drop-forged steel 0.5-inch diameter stock O-ring with an inside diameter of 3 inches, and the other end with a drop-forged steel auto-locking captive eye snap-link. The ends of the attachment line are fitted with a drop-forged steel 0.5-inch diameter stock O ring with an inside diameter of 3 inches on each end. It is to the free O-ring on the attachment line (the Master Attachment Point) that personnel being flown are attached.

Main Load Line Assembly

A Main Load Line assembly incorporates a stainless steel swivel with permanently lubricated thrust bearings. It is designed specifically to control torque forces and prevent kinking of the load line suspension assembly. Attached to the two respective sides of the swivel are an auxiliary load line and a shorter attachment line; the lengths of both components can be tailored to user requirements.

Positioned above the swivel is an anti-whipping bag filled with approximately 30 lb of granular material to allow the suspension line assembly to be safely flown up to an airspeed of 60 knots without an external load attached. The additional weight contained in the anti-whipping bag minimizes any potential for the load suspension line assembly to interfere with the tail rotor of the helicopter.

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  • Assembly consists of Main Load Line, Swivel, Weight Bag, and Attachment Line
  • 1/2” Low Elongation Spectra HMPE with braided polyester cover
  • Drop-forged steel O-rings and auto-locking captive eye snap links
  • Stainless Steel swivel with permanently lubricated bearings
  • 30 lb anti-whip weight bag
Main Load Line Assembly
Working Load Limit 600 lbs (272 kg)
Minimum Tensile Strength 13,000 lbs
Length 60′, 75′, 85′, 110′
Rope Dia. 0.5″
Hardware 3″ Inside Diameter 1/2″ stock O-Ring, Drop-forged Auto-Locking Captive Eye Link
Components Aux. Load Line, Stainless Steel swivel, Weight Bag, Attachment Line