Mack Innovations (Canada) Inc.

Mack Innovations (Canada) Inc. (MIC) is a Canadian company based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. MIC was founded in 2009 by the principals of Emergco® and Mack Innovations (Australia) Pty. Ltd. based out of Brisbane, QLD to carry out out the civil aviation approval process and international marketing of the Mack Innovations products in North & South America, Europe and other areas outside of the Australian/New Zealand region.

In early 2005, Grant MacKinnon, principal of Mack Innovations (Australia) Pty. Ltd. started development work on new airborne powerline maintenance equipment for the AS350/355 series of helicopter. The AS350/55 series of helicopters, being a larger and more powerful rotorcraft than many often used in utility construction, has the ability to offer improved safety for crews and cost savings for construction companies that have been unattainable with previously used aircraft.

Mack Innovations has become a world leader in creating innovative methodologies and equipment for overhead powerline maintenance and new construction that entails both Human External Cargo (HEC) load and Non-Human External Cargo (NHEC) load operations currently utilizing the AS350/55 series of helicopters. Our equipment is currently in use and has been operated in Australia, Hong Kong, South Africa, and New Zealand.

Up-coming overhead powerline projects will see Mack Innovations products being operated in Canada, USA, Europe and the Middle East upon completion of the applicable civil aviation authorities’ airworthiness certification process.