The Mack Innovations Mack Pull is designed as a bidirectional line stringing system for Airbus AS350/355 helicopters, the most popular intermediate helicopters worldwide today. Similar systems exist for smaller aircraft but have proven to be limited in their capabilities. With the global requirement for powerline infrastructure over the next 10 years a more capable system is needed: enter the Mack Pull.

The Airbus AS350/355 has proven itself as one of the most versatile series of utility helicopters on the market. Its high performance and load capacity make it ideal for powerline construction projects, and the Mack Pull extends the helicopter’s role flexibility and reduces overall cost.

The Mack Innovations Mack Pull allows the helicopter to be quickly reconfigured for line pulling operations, with the main structure using quick pins for installation. When fitted with an Emergco modular release hook, the entire assembly can be installed in minutes while maintaining the ability to continue performing regular longline tasks and personnel movement without reconfiguration.

Users of the Mack Pull system have found the return on investment to be substantial by removing the need to pull a 12mm draw wire and moving to directly pulling the 22mm draw wire, saving approximately 3 days of setup and pulling time per 10km. The Mack Pull can be set up to pull from either the right or left, increasing the safety for the pilot by keeping any adjacent lines in front of the aircraft and also allowing the stringing equipment to be set up at any available location.

  • Connector.


    Saves up to 3 days of work per 10km of new line construction.

  • Connector.

    Increases Safety

    Reduces pilot workload and increases situational awareness by eliminating the need for vertical reference.

  • Connector.

    Easy to Install

    Installs on existing hardpoints with quick attach pins. When combined with Emergco hook the helicopter can continue to use primary cargo hook for longline moves.

  • Mounts on either side of aircraft
  • Pulls 24mm wire safely up to 3.2km
  • Excellent Pilot Visibility
  • Installs quickly and easily
  • Manual & Electrical Release (with existing aircraft hook) or Dual Independent Hydraulic Release (with Emergco EA03 Hook)
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